Are you an industry insider? Use your status as an industry insider to make money today! If you work closely with the adult nightclub industry, you can put those connections to good use and make money while we do all the work.

What you can do.

Put your database to work or put us in touch with a few key people interested in becoming licensees. We'll provide the content, you provide the contacts—or make the introduction and we'll take it from there. We close the deal, YOU make 20% of all licensing fees we collect for two years!

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What are you waiting for? If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, call us at 212.246.9090 or email and start making money today!

What we do.

For a limited time, we are licensing the Scores brand to gentlemen's clubs that qualify to lend them our name recognition, indistry expertise and the competitive advantage in their market—all for a scandalously reasonable fee.